Coeur Caraïbes

Coeur Caraïbes est situé sur la commune de Deshaies en Côte Sous le Vent. Par chance les plages de Deshaies sont épargnées par la prolifération d'algues sargasses. L'absence de cette pollution fait de Deshaies le lieu idéal pour la pratique de la plongée sous-marine et autres sports nautiques.

Deshaies est un territoire authentique offrant des départs de randonnées qui vous feront découvrir les richesses et la beauté de notre forêt tropicale avec sa flore, sa faune, ses rivières et cascades. C'est en ces lieux préservés que nous vous proposons la location de 10 bungalows en Guadeloupe. En couple, en famille ou entre amis venez découvrir nos hébergements à Deshaies, dans un Jardin tropical avec piscine.

After the Fisherman Beach of Anse de Baille-Argent and of Ferry, the coast widens deeply in a little bay where nestles the village of Deshaies. Surrounded by mountains, this little typical village, is known for its bay, one of the most beautiful on the leeward coast, with its superb sunset. It’s not by coincidence that the biggest cruise ships come to anchor there, notably the “Club Med 2”. On the sand, the small colorful boats wait peacefully for the fishing departure. This village seems to be resting softly in the cozy hollow, without being awakened by its own colorful energy. Hoping that Deshaies will never in the future lose its simplicity and its charm !

Some of the main touristic sights on the island are in close proximity of Deshaies: the La Soufriere volcano, Carbet Falls, Blue Basin, Crawfish Cascade, Cascade Acomat, as well as numerous diving sites.



Patron Festivity, on June 28th

Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul's Church

The Port

Battery's Point , where is the battery and its artillery which protected the bay

Botanical Garden

Ferry's Battery

Gros Morne

Grande Anse Beach

Deshaies : shooting's Place of the English series « Death in Paradise », « Meurtre au Paradis » in french



Numerous origins are given to the name of our Deshaies village. For some, it came from a man named Des Hayes, who was a native in the middle of the 17th century, and gave his name to the river and the cove where the village began. For others, the name came from a deputy of Guadeloupe from the court of London in 1663. According to another version, it came from a soldier named Albert Deshaies from Marie Galante.

At this timeframe, numerous canon batteries were installed to protect the bay and other coasts, since the territory of Deshaies was often frequented by Corsairs and British troops. Thorny hedges were planted along the coasts to slow down the progression of sailors landing. The hedges are also in the origin of our village’s name.

Whatever the origin of the name, situated on the North leeward side, Deshaies, welcomes you for a dream vacation.

The leeward side constitutes the western side of Basse Terre, and is the region the least populated of the archipelago of Guadeloupe. This side of the island is protected from the clouds, which get trapped by the mountains. The leeward coast spreads from Deshaies to Vieux-Fort and Gourbeyre passing through Pointe-Noire, Bouillante, Vieux-Habitants, Baillif and Basse-Terre.

It is only in 1957 that a road connected Pointe-Noire to Deshaies, going through Ferry. The village slowly entered into modern times.

Therefore, Deshaies has been able to keep its authenticity, with no large concrete constructions, but with small cottages suited to ecotourism. This authenticity makes Deshaies a privileged stopover for cruise ships for many years. The picturesque village of Deshaies is made of two parallel roads bordered by Creole houses between the sea and the tropical forest. It's privileged position at the door of the National Park of Guadeloupe makes Deshaies a strong location of Guadeloupe’s ecotourism.

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