Coeur Caraïbes

Coeur Caraïbes est situé sur la commune de Deshaies en Côte Sous le Vent. Par chance les plages de Deshaies sont épargnées par la prolifération d'algues sargasses. L'absence de cette pollution fait de Deshaies le lieu idéal pour la pratique de la plongée sous-marine et autres sports nautiques.

Deshaies est un territoire authentique offrant des départs de randonnées qui vous feront découvrir les richesses et la beauté de notre forêt tropicale avec sa flore, sa faune, ses rivières et cascades. C'est en ces lieux préservés que nous vous proposons la location de 10 bungalows en Guadeloupe. En couple, en famille ou entre amis venez découvrir nos hébergements à Deshaies, dans un Jardin tropical avec piscine.

At Coeur Caraibes, there is no receptionist, no maid, no head steward. There is just a family made of Martine, Phillippe, their son Stephane and his partner Caroline and their children. Altogether, they will work to make sure that you will want to come back to Deshaies.

In fact, Coeur Caraibes is not a hotel, but is a family property where they live their own lives and share with great pleasure with the ones (and there are many) who look for the authentic Guadeloupian life.

Martine, Parisian of Corsica origin, discovered Guadeloupe for the first time in 2005, after falling under the charm of her Guadeloupian husband, it was all of Guadeloupe that spellbound her to the point of becoming Guadeloupian. In Paris, Martine owned a bakery in the 12th district, and her contact with people in her neighborhood was vital to her job.

Phillippe, himself, did not have a hard time loving Guadeloupe since he was born in the city of Basse-Terre and has his origins in the archipelago of the Saintes, more precisely in Terre de Bas. After dozens of years in metropolitan France, essentially in the Parisian region, where he worked at the RATP in the public service, he met Martine in 2004.

They never left each other and decided to change their horizons in 2006 to come and live in Guadeloupe and share their love for the island and the village of Deshaies with the ones who have become their friends through the years.